Mobile Apps for Bars and Nightclubs

Mobile Apps for Bars and Nightclubs

Social Media Homepage
Let your users save time by being 1 click away from all your updates. Connect your fans with your social media efforts right on the homepage of your app. You work hard updating your facebook status, tweeting updates, and editing videos… don’t make your users work hard too.

Videos, Photos
Let users interact virtually with your venue, display photos and videos of previous events, and even pictures of customers having a good time. Sync your YouTube account/channel and let users enjoy streaming videos right in your app. Upload any photos you want. Your users will get to check ’em out in your very own gallery.

Announce the upcoming events that your hosting, sell tickets, and even collect info for contest giveaways. You can custom you events section to highlight flyers, photos, and much more.

Specials, Discounts
Easily provide your customers incentive to download your app. Highlight drink specials and times. You can have them show you the app at the door to receive discounted admission or mention the digital coupon to get a half price drink.

Tell fans your story, include a bio, and fill them in them in on how you got to where you are now.

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. People relate with other patrons and guests. You already have people talking about you online. Link to,, or even and let customers easily connect to those reviews – right inside your app.

Multiple Locations, Maps
Have more than one location? Get the word out. You can link to maps and provide customers turn by turn directions from where ever they are.

Features, Awards
Boost your reputation… did LA Magazine feature you? Get a spot on NBC? Earn a Zagat award?

Mailing List
We all know mailing lists are one of the best ways to engage your die-hard fans. Let them easily signup – right in your app. All information is stored securely and is handled with the utmost privacy standards. You own it and it’s downloadable anytime.

Fans can share their comments about your food, service, events, and their experiences.

You do a lot of promotion. The problem is… it’s all scattered across the internet. Let you fans easily connect to it in one spot. Link to any website. Some examples: Your official website, blog, promotion companies, other places that you work with or have partnerships with, etc.

You’re lucky. You have great customers, get people to drink and dance, and make them happy. Others aren’t so lucky. You can help make the world a better place by adding a donations page to your app.

Additional Features
You can customize your app to suite pretty much any need, but if you want to add something that is even more unique to your app we can do that too. You can start with a Wise App Apps, get your mobile presence going, and add premium features later (or) start with a completely premium build. Contact us for more info.


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