Is Your Business Visible to Mobile App Store Searches?


Current research shows that people are spending more time on their Smart Phones than on computers. They are becoming increasingly mobile and need ever-faster access to information. That’s why, when the iPhone’s App Store was launched, people began using it to search for businesses and services.

Conclusion: If a business does not have an App in the App Store, consumers won’t find it. They might, however, find Apps of the competitors.

Let me illustrate this…

  • 1. Go to the Apple or Android App Store
  • 2. Type in the type of business you are, ie: Fort Lauderdale Restaurant
  • 3. Notice what comes up. If you see apps for restaurants, these businesses are already gaining customers using their app.
  • 4. Contact Jeffrey Cleary (954) 354-7600 and schedule a free demo for your business.
  • Businesses already spend thousands of dollars for search engine marketing, print advertising, and other outlets. Our 100%. DONE-FOR-YOU Mobile Apps are a small investment, with a huge potential.

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