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While the statistics and data continue to support the inevitable move from desktops to mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet computing, (see our article on Mobile App Statistics) many businesses are uncertain about what to do next.  The simple fact is, if you want to compete, you must have mobile apps to satisfy your customers.

Mobile apps build customer loyalty and are considered good & responsive customer service
With approximately 50% of all mobile users owning smartphones, consumers are more and more turning to mobile app solutions for their needs. In a recent study, consumers indicated that they frequently download and hang onto the mobile apps of both large & small businesses and utilize them before making purchasing decisions.   The question is, does your business have a mobile strategy or mobile app in development?

Push notifications keep business apps top of mind
“Smartphones have created a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers on a deeper, more personal level as mobile phones are the one thing shoppers carry with them at all times,” said Jeffrey Cleary, president of

“By sending consumers push notifications and rich messages, the business is engaging directly with consumers and reaching them in a way that ensures capturing their attention,” he said. “Whether or not it keeps their attention then depends on the relevancy and personalization of the message.”

Mobile Apps Increase Customer Loyalty
Studies show consumers utilize local and small business apps frequently, read their push notifications, and utilize the app to contact the business.  Mobile Apps are far more easier to use than browsing the internet on a mobile device, tapping through to the website and searching around for the content they are looking for.  With a mobile app, the consumer can quickly and easily locate the app on their device and quickly find the information they’re looking for, make contact, get directions, find locations, and make purchases.  Customers like this ease of use.

Affordable Mobile App Solutions
Many small & mid-sized businesses agree they need a mobile app to compete moving forward in the mobile internet age, however many of them believe having an app is just too expensive and out of their reach.  High quality and useful mobile apps do not have to be expensive.  We offer a 100% done for you solution with the average price of most mobile apps being around $1500.  A small business doesn’t have to spend $5,000, $10,000 or more to put themselves into the mobile market.

Don’t get lost in the mobile app revolution.   Every day you don’t make a decision, your competition is racing ahead of you as they quickly adopt a mobile strategy which includes a mobile app.

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