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Mobile Apps for Bars and Nightclubs

Mobile Apps for Bars and Nightclubs

Social Media Homepage Let your users save time by being 1 click away from all your updates. Connect your fans with your social media efforts right on the homepage of your app. You work hard updating your facebook status, tweeting updates, and editing videos… don’t make your users work hard too. Videos, Photos Let users […]

Mobile Apps for Lawyers


Wise App Apps can help you connect with clients and potential clients in groundbreaking new ways by allowing them a one-stop resource for your firm right on their iPhone or Android smartphones. Whether you focus on personal injury or employment law, family law or intellectual property, we can help your clients or prospective clients connect […]

Mobile Apps for Gyms & Fitness Centers


If you operate a fitness club, your mission is to keep your regulars happy and to keep the new members from disappearing when the excitement of the New Year wears off. Like everybody else, you probably offer state-of-the-art equipment, personal trainers, yoga and pilates classes, and maybe even nutritional counseling (the number one planned addition […]