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Mobile Apps Save Small Businesses Time And Money, Study Finds

A study reports that small businesses are saving an alarming amount of time and money using mobile applications. Small businesses that use mobile apps to help manage their operations are saving more than 370 million of their own hours and over 725 million employee hours annually, according to a study by the Small Business and […]

Is Your Business Visible to Mobile App Store Searches?

Current research shows that people are spending more time on their Smart Phones than on computers. They are becoming increasingly mobile and need ever-faster access to information. That’s why, when the iPhone’s App Store was launched, people began using it to search for businesses and services. Conclusion: If a business does not have an App […]

Mobile Apps for Lawyers


Wise App Apps can help you connect with clients and potential clients in groundbreaking new ways by allowing them a one-stop resource for your firm right on their iPhone or Android smartphones. Whether you focus on personal injury or employment law, family law or intellectual property, we can help your clients or prospective clients connect […]